Horticultural Solutions, LLC
Who is Horticultural Solutions? The company was founded by individuals who have in some way worked with many of the national companies in the turf care industry. Through our experiences with these companies, we realized that we could provide a more personalized service to better suit our customer’s and their lawn’s needs.

How is our service different? Horticultural Solutions understands that each lawn is composed of different characteristics. We analyze each lawn individually and treat its specific needs. Lawns differ in their soil conditions, local climate, grass type, and sun/shade exposure. Some lawns are more susceptible to disease and insects than others. Horticultural Solutions takes a proactive approach to lawn care. Each of our customers receives a soil test analysis bi-annually, which provides accurate information on nutrient deficiencies and toxicities. This insures that we are applying the right products to your lawn at the exact levels required. Horticultural Solutions is unique in providing you with the facts about the condition of your lawn. If you already have a lawn care company, you should ask what treatments they are applying to your lawn and why. Many lawn care companies apply excessive or unnecessary products to lawns only for economic reasons.

Our employees have backgrounds in agronomy, horticulture, nutrient management, golf course maintenance, sports turf maintenance, and years of excellent customer service. Each employee receives continuous training and course work in soils, turf, seeds, and fertilizers. Each lawn care technician is registered and licensed by the State of Virginia. Horticultural Solutions also wants to educate you on lawn care while maintaining a positive working relationship. We are proud to provide our customers with beautiful lawns while protecting our precious watershed, wildlife, and human safety. We follow all EPA recommendations and work according to the Virginia Agricultural Extension Center guidelines.